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Jimmi Jorgensen


"Give me an Island in the middle of the ocean, name it "Freedom"". – Jimmi Jorgensen

Napoleón León


"I was born in a fishing village 30 meters from the seashore. My life as fisherman and experience on the sea led me to work on ships.

On 2014 I had the opportunity to work as sailor for the “Bésame Mucho”, where I met an excellent team and made a great team together.

The best experience I’ve had is on board the schooner, as I have enjoyed as much as the customers every time we sail away on the “Bésame Mucho”".


Luis Torres

Exclusive Chef

With three years experience and exclusive chef of “Bésame Mucho”.

"Being part of “Bésame Mucho” team it’s without doubt a unique experience, where spending time with clients makes this an incredible and unforgettable!.

For me, the greatest moment is when customers are delighted by the food I prepare exclusively for them using products of best quality and all the regional ingredients I use for their elaboration".


Ruth Cota

Customer Service

With six years of experience, she is our expert in customer service who will be always there to assist you on board the ship "Bésame Mucho".

"The contact with nature, everytime we sail away making an encounter with whales, dolphins, turtles and a lot of animals it thrills me like the first time.

Meeting people from different places, assist them is always a great experience, great people who have left a mark in my heart forever".


Yesenia Romero

Customer Service

With two years of service on “Bésame Mucho”, offering always the best service and attention to our clients.

"Sailing on “Bésame Mucho” has been an unforgettable experience sharing every journey with people from around the world, for me it’s such a great learning since day by day we work to give the best of ourselves doing what we love with our all heart".